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Technical Parameters




Specific surface aream2/g

Volume densityg/cm3


Crystal form










Note: according to user requirements of nano particle can provide different size products.

Product performance

        Our company sells the Nano-aluminium nitride powder purity is high, the particle size is small, is bigger than the surface area, the surface activity is high, through the superficial cloth wrapper processing powder body, the oxygen content is extremely low (<0.1%), the insulation heat conduction performance effect is obvious. Should accept the rice noodle body to be possible to apply in the engineering plastics, enhances the betterment work plastic the performance and the mechanical strength and so on, good injection molding performance. Uses in the compound materials, is good with the semiconductor silicon match, the contact surface compatibility is good, may enhance the compound materials the mechanical property and the heat conduction insulating ability, widely applies the heat conduction silica gel and the heat conduction plastic, the resin, the LED electron seal material.

Application direction

        1 Manufacture integrated circuit foundation plate, the electronic device, the optical device, the radiator, the high temperature crucible prepares metal-based and the high score subbasis compound materials, specially enhances the material in the high temperature sealing compound and in the electronic seal material the heat dispersion and the intensity characteristic, has the extremely good application prospect, may substitute for the present import a micron aluminium nitride;

        2 Heat conduction silica gel and heat conduction epoxy resin: A nanometer aluminium nitride which produces with Our company prepares the superelevation heat conduction silica gel, it has the good thermal conductivity, good overcharge insulating property, wide electric insulation and application temperature (operating temperature - 80-250℃), low thickness and good construction performance. The product has reached or surpasses the imported product, because may substitute for the similar imported product, but widely applies in electronic device’s heat transfer medium, raises the working efficiency. If CPU and radiator crack, high efficiency triode, silicon-controlled rectifier part, diode, with parent metal contact fine drawn place heat transfer medium. The nanometer heat conduction paste is between packing IC or the triode and radiator fin’s crevice, increases between them the contacted area, achieves the better radiation effect;

        3 Nanometers lubricating oil and antiwear additive: In the nanometer ceramic machine oil increases the modified nanometer aluminium nitride ceramics granule along with lubricates the painter’s shop to use in the engine internal friction vice-metal surface, is activated in high temperature and under the ep function, and infiltrates reliably inlays to the metal surface dent and the pore, the repair suffers injury the surface, forms the nanometer ceramic protective film. Because of this membrane’s isolation function, causes the friction which between the part the relative motion produces is only the role in this protective film, the nanometer ceramic granule small ball bearing equally will rub vice-between the part friction to transform likely by the traditional sliding friction into the trundle friction, thus enormous reduces the friction force, drops to near zero friction moving part’s, plays to the engine ultra strong anti-rubs the protective function, through the improvement lubrication, may reduce the friction coefficient above 80%, enhances above resistance to wear 350%, reduces wears above 80%, may lengthen above machine parts life 3 times, reduces shuts down, reduces the maintenance cost, above an extension overhaul time, Conserves energy 10%-30%, raises the equipment output 20%-40%, its recruitment is only extremely two to 1/1000;

        4 High heat conduction plastic application: After the modified nanometer nitrided aluminite powder body may enhance the plastic large scale the thermal conductivity. By 1% increases through the experiment product to the plastic, may make the plastic the thermal conductivity from original 0.3 to enhance to 3, the thermal conductivity enhanced more than 10 times. At present mainly uses in the PVC plastic, the polyurethane plastic, the PA plastic, the function plastic and so on;

        5 Other application domains: A nanometer aluminium nitride may apply in the smelting non-ferrous metal and the semiconducting material gallium arsenic crucible, evaporates the boat, the thermo-element tube protector, the high temperature insulation, microwave dielectric material, thermostable and anti-corrosive structure ceramics and transparent aluminium nitride microwave ceramic article.

Storage conditions

        This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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