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Technical Parameters




Specific surface aream2/g

Volume densityg/cm3


Crystal form










Note: according to user requirements of nano particle can provide different size products.

Product performance

        1 Chemical stability is high, the thermal coefficient of expansion is low, the thermal conductivity is high, the resistance temperature characteristic and the metal are opposite;

        2 Degree of hardness are high, the mohs’ scale reaches 9.5, is the first material wear-resisting chemical additive;

        3 Wear-resisting, thermostable, anti-corrosive, bears the acid and alkali resolver, widely applies inside the coating, the paint, increases the resistance to wear;

        4 Have the very good toughness, the superior grinding performance, fine to disperse the electric conductance thermal properties.

Application direction

        1 Modified high strength nylon material: Our company’s nanometer SiC powder body the compatible good dispersivity is good in the high polymer compound materials, is good with the basic associativity, after the modification, the high strength nylon alloy tensile strength enhances above 150% compared to ordinary PA6, the wear-resisting performance enhances above 3 times. Mainly uses in the armor tracked vehicle high polymer fitting, the motor turning part, the textile machinery, the mining machinery backing, the train part and so on agglutination can achieve the densification under the low temperature;
        2 Modification special engineering plastics polyether ether alkone (PEEK) wear-resisting performance: After a Our company surface treatment’s nanometer silicon carbide, when the recruitment is about 5%, may improve and enhances PEEK the resistance to wear (enhance original above greatly 30%);
        3 Nanometers silicon carbides in rubber tire’s application: Increases 2% about a nanometer silicon carbide in not to change the original rubber formula to carry on modified processing, in does not reduce its original performance and under the quality premise, its resistance to wear may enhance 20%-40%. Moreover, 20 nanometer silicon carbide applications in the rubber rubber roll, the printer fixation membrane and so on are wear-resisting, radiate, rubber products and so on heat resistance;
        4 Metal surface nanometer SiC composite plate: Uses the nanometer level particle second mix pellet, the nickel is the matrix metal, forms the refined character density in the metal surface, the binding force very good galvanic deposit composite plate, its metal surface has ultra hard (wear-resisting) and the anti-attrition (self lubrication) the thermostable characteristic. Its composite plate microhardness large scale enhancement, the resistance to wear enhances 2-3 times, the service life enhances 3-5 times, coating and the substrate binding force enhances 40%, coating ability, coating is even, smooth, careful;
       5 Other applications: The high performance structure ceramics (for example rocket spray nozzle, nuclear industry and so on), the absorbing material, anti-rubs the lubricating grease, the high performance brake lining, the high degree of hardness wear-resisting powder coating, the composite ceramics strengthens the plasticizing and so on; Aerospace industry domain structure coating, functional coating, protective covering, absorbing material, stealth material and so on; Tank and armored vehicle’s protection armor; May make the ceramic cutting tool, the cutting tool, the measuring instrument, the mold; May make the special use the structure ceramics, the functional ceramic, the project ceramics; Igniter; The electrical industry uses electricity the thermal element, the remote infrared ray generator.

Storage conditions

        This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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