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Thermal insulation powder

Technical Parameters




Specific surface aream2/g

Volume densityg/cm3













Note: according to user requirements of nano particle can provide different size products.

Product performance

        Our company develops the insulation heat conduction accepts the rice noodle, the essential component for the nitrogen alumina compound, the outward appearance for the pale white fluffy powder body, this product purity is high, the particle size is small, the distribution is even, is bigger than the surface area, the high surface activity, the pine installs the density to be low, the insulation heat conduction accepts the rice noodle to have the very high thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity achieves 300W/MK, close copper thermal conductivity, moreover the insulating property is very good, undergoes the special surface treatment the insulation heat conduction to accept the rice noodle, the superficial oxygen content is extremely low, the purity may achieve three about the nines, may succeed in application epoxy resin, polyurethane, heat conduction silica gel, because its heat conduction performance is greatly strengthened, therefore increases generallyThe proportion is about 1%, then enables the resin to achieve about 3 tiles the thermal conductivities, definitely may substitute for the present use the high recruitment nanometer powdered alumina body, the toxic substance nanometer oxidation cerium and so on, Our company may carry on the insulation heat conduction according to the customer different system to accept the rice noodle modification, helps the customer to provide the applied technology support.

Application direction

        1 heat conduction silica gel and heat conduction epoxy resin: The insulation heat conduction accepts the rice noodle compound silica gel to have the good thermal conductivity, good electric insulation, wide electric insulation application temperature (operating temperature-80℃-250℃), low thickness and good construction performance. The product has surpassed the imported product, because may substitute for the similar imported product, but widely applies in electronic device’s heat transfer medium, raises the working efficiency. If CPU and radiator caulking, high efficiency triode, silicon-controlled rectifier part, diode, and parent metal contact fine drawn place heat transfer medium. The nanometer heat conduction paste is between packing IC or the triode and radiator fin’s crevice, increases between them the contacted area, achieves the better radiation effect;

        2 in heat conduction plastic application: The insulation heat conduction accepts the rice noodle to be possible to enhance the plastic large scale the thermal conductivity. Through tests 1% about the proportion to increase to the plastic, may make the plastic the thermal conductivity from original 0.3 to enhance to 3, the thermal conductivity enhanced more than 10 times. Compares in the present market the heat conduction padding (aluminum oxide or magnesia and so on) has the recruitment to be low, has the enhancement function to the product mechanical property, the heat conduction effect enhances and so on characteristics obviously;

        3 high heat conduction silica gel application: The purchase and the silicon match performance are good, easy to disperse in the rubber, in does not affect the rubber under the mechanical property premise (experiment to prove that also has enhancement function to rubber mechanical property) to be possible to promote the silica gel large scale the thermal conductivity, does not look like the oxide compound in the increase process and so on to cause the viscosity rise to be very quick, the recruitment is very small, presently widely applies and the military, in the aviation as well as the information engineering;

        4 other application domains: The insulation heat conduction accepts the rice noodle to be possible to use in smelting the non-ferrous metal and the semiconducting material gallium arsenic crucible, the evaporation boat, the thermo-element tube protector, the high temperature insulation, the microwave dielectric material, thermostable and the anti-corrosive structure ceramics and the transparent microwave ceramic article, as well as the present application with gathers the imide resin, the heat conduction insulation cloud master, the heat conduction fat, the insulating paint as well as the heat conduction oil and so on.

Storage conditions

        This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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