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Technical Parameters




Specific surface aream2/g

Volume densityg/cm3


Crystal form










Note:according to user requirements of nano particle can provide different size products.

Product performance

        Our company sells the titanium nitrides powder body purity is high, the particle size is small, the distribution is even, is bigger than the surface area, the surface activity is high, nitrogen content high (>30%), thermostable, the oxidation resistance, degree of hardness is high, the outstanding absorption infrared performance (above 80%), the ultraviolet light shielding is bigger than above 85%, may apply in the heat insulation coating and above the automobile ceramics membrane, plays the heat insulation and controls the warm role. This material has the good electrical conductivity, may serve as the fusion electrolysis the electrode and the electricity touches the prime conducting material, uses in the plasticizing ceramics as well as thermostable structure ceramics effect extreme good.

Application direction

        1 Nanometer titanium nitrides plastic applies on the packing material the high impediment, the solution yellowing characteristic application: Uses the nanometer TiN compound materials impediment technology, compound forms the compound materials Nano-TiN and the resin, these nanometers granules can block the molecular gap, enables the gas to proliferate the seepage with difficulty, thus enhanced the resin, the plastic impediment. Because joins nanomaterials quantity are few, this material may in the existing each craft the direct application, does not need to renew the equipment. The increase proportion for extremely one may guarantee that the polyester the outward appearance is transparent, clear, the impediment performance enhances above 8 times, because our titanium nitrides’ nitrogen content is high, therefore the dispersion obtains the titanium nitrides pulp is a pale blue, does not need to increase any color seasoning, might camouflage polyester’s yellowing characteristic (permanent solution yellowing), reduced the customer to increase the massive coloring agents, reduced the cost;
        2 In PET engineering plastics application:The few nanometer titanium nitrides powder body uses in thermosplastic engineering plastics like PET, PA and so on, may treat as the crystallization nucleator uses, in the nanometer titanium nitrides dispersion and the glycol will mix a nanometer pulp, will cause in a nanometer titanium nitrides better dispersion and the PET engineering plastics through the polymerization way, may speed up the PET engineering plastics greatly the crystallization speed, will make its formation to be simple, expands the PET engineering plastics the application scope. Simultaneously in number numerous nanometer titanium nitrides pellet dissemination and PET, because a nanometer effect may cause the PET engineering plastics the wear-resisting performance, the anti-impact properties have the very great scope enhancement;
        3 High fever emissivity coating application: The high nitrogen content nanometer TiN powder takes the high fever emissivity coating material key material which in the high temperature uses, increases the coating material which this component develops to use the plasma spray coating technology preparation the coating, the examination discovered that the hot emissivity performance large scale enhancement, this product mainly applies in high temperature aspects and so on dry kiln energy conservation, war industry;

        4 Like develop the non-lead soldering tin material, in alloy and so on tin, silver, copper, zinc mixes in the micro titanium nitrides to accept the rice noodle body, causes the fusing temperature to reduce 200℃, produces the alloy to be evener, reduces the oxide compound solid solution the temperature 30℃, can also achieve the original alloy of lead and tin solder application temperature, if can further improve the wetting quality, namely the solution existing does not have the lead solder biggest application difficulty;

        5 preparation green electronic material cannot use the lead, the cadmium, the high price chromium and so on harmful element, the high temperature caking glass does not have the lead, the cadmium ceramics medium, seals Bolivia to glaze and so on difficult problems is the solid phase synthesis temperature is high, the softening point high, becomes the porcelain temperature to be high, if can join the micro titanium nitrides to accept the rice noodle physical ability to cause the solid phase reaction temperature to reduce 200℃, even if reduces 50℃, can use the original process unit, is also the big breakthrough. The titamium oxide and the solid solution is in itself in the electronic material composition, possibly brings the performance beneficial sudden change through the nanometer form introduction;

        6 pollution law limit including the bromine (Br), the benzene polymer’s use, for electronic being flame-resistant, models the outer covering skeleton to bring the difficult problem, if increases the micro silicon nitride, the silicon carbide, the titanium nitrides, the carbonized titanium in the engineering plastics and so on to accept the rice noodle body, not only increases the mechanical strength, wear-resisting, heat-resisting and so on performance, if can substitute contains the bromine element being flame-resistant material performance, to the organic polymer application is also the very big breakthrough;

        7 other domain applications:In a nanometer compound flinty cutting tool, hard alloy, refractory ceramics conducting material, heat-resisting anti-friction material, dissemination strengthening material and so on, may also apply in fuel cell’s electrode catalyst, against static electricity material and the conductive ceramics.

Storage conditions

        This product should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

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